Rapper YFN Lucci is back on the street in Atlanta, Georgia. He was spotted getting his walking papers and soon there was video of him outside the jail as he ended his month long fight just to get a bond in his murder case.

YFN Lucci being released from jail.

TMZ reports although he’s out, YFN Lucci has many conditions on his bail agreement seriously restricting his movements as he awaits trial. For instance, The “Dope Game” rhymer isn’t allowed to stay at home – he’ll be at an undisclosed location. He will have a 7 PM – 7 AM curfew too.

The judge in the case has also ordered YFN Lucci to surrender his passport. He can’t communicate with any felons, nor can he have communications with gang members. He cannot post to social media and we hear he can only leave to meet with attorneys or see a doctor. As you see, the list is pretty long.

YFN Lucci’s lawyer, Drew Findling, made a statement about his release saying…

“The bond was negotiated last week and finalized today. He was released just before 4 pm. There are a variety of conditions which is somewhat consistent with these cases, which included surrendering his passport.”

No mention of any developments in the case, but usually if a defendant proves he can follow the rules, he’ll eventually get a chance to relax strict conditions with time. We’ll bring you more details as soon as they become available.

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