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Ok, so you know there’s only so much we can show you here, but we thought it important to see how Lil Pump’s OnlyFans game was going so far. For that matter, what’s the status of the OnlyFans platforms created by some of our favorite rappers in hip hop?

Lil Pump’s Playhouse just launched late last month and from what we hear, he’s definitely delivering on the raunchy ‘Lil Pump’ kinda fun, Yachts and Jägerbombs. For now he only has 24 posts and about 1.3k in likes.

But apparently, the “ESKETIT” loudmouth is very serious about his Playhouse project – he started an Instagram page 450,000 strong just to promote it. At $19.99 a month, there’s probably a lot of money to be made by the rapper. Let’s face it, sex sells.

The biggest Hip Hop name to set up shop at OnlyFans has only 9.7k likes thus far, and her name is Cardi B. However, she only has 4 posts up so far – the “WAP” queen isn’t taking things seriously yet. She’s obviously got her mind on delivering #1 hits right now.

New York rapper Casanova is, of course, not able to attend what he started at OnlyFans and we all know why. If you don’t… because he’s in jail. Moving on… Tyga, aka “T-Raww,” has an impressive 53k in likes and seems to be convincing at least some of his fans to cough up the $20 subscription fee.

There are a few more to speak of like Swae Lee and newcomer Rubi Rose, but we’re out of time for today, you’ll just have to check your local listings. Until the next time it drips…

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