Actor and comedian Kevin Hart has gotten tangled up with yet another dishonest employee. This time it’s his “Personal Shopper,” a man named Dylan Syer. Apparently he bilked Kevin Hart for nearly $1.2 million.

Syer was arraigned in a Queens County courthouse in NYC on Wednesday where the prosecutor laid out the charges. TMZ reports he’s being hit with grand larceny and nine other counts related to how he stole from the Jumanji actor.

After being hired in 2015, Syer eventually started making unauthorized charges on Kevin’s credit cards. They say he would just take the money from Kevin’s accounts and put it right into his account – simple.

In court, prosecutors detailed how he spent that money lavishing too. Syer bought five Patek Philippe luxury watches totalling $400k alone. He went and copped himself two expensive Louis Vuitton bags too.

They also say he had a fetish for collectible dolls… extremely expensive ones, and he splurged on plenty of them police say, with Kevin Hart’s moolah. Seems an odd thing to take penitentiary chances on.

No indication of how Kevin found out about the fleece, but right now authorities are just trying to find out where all the stolen loot is. Looks like another dishonest one bites the dust. Until the next time it drips….

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