Ex NFL’er Adam Pacman Jones, 37, apparently hasn’t outgrown his penchant for getting in bar fights. The former defensive back can be seen in a video obtained by TMZ, punching some guy’s lights out.

In a very nasty looking brawl at a watering hole in Cincinnati called the OTR Bar, Pacman looked as if he threw the first punch as he squared off with restaurant staff. They’re saying folks at the bar were begging Pacman to stop the violence as chairs began to fly.

Witnesses say Pacman and a member of his crew left about 1 AM, but for some reason, Pacman wanted back in. Apparently the person that shot the video is qouted as saying, “Pacman pushed his way back in and it started getting aggressive.”

They also said… “Pacman knocked the security guy out then proceeded to kick the guy in the head multiple times. That’s when a lot of the staff stepped in and my video starts.”

When police arrived they arrested Pacman on the spot. He’s been charged with misdemeanor assault so far. The baller has denied any wrongdoing, recently going on The Pat Mcafee Show telling the host he “did what [he] had to do.”

The video is wild, be sure to check it out. Until the next time it drips….

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