Things just got even uglier in famed producer Dr. Dre’s near billion dollar divorce. Recently Dr. Dre had his longtime Aftermath music producer, DJ Silk, run a snippet of a new track with Dre where he called his estranged wife Nicole a “greedy bit**.”

Wanna hear it? Here it go…

As you can see calling his namesake a ‘b’ isn’t the only thing Dr. Dre had to say either. So far the lyrics are…

“Trying to kill me with them lies and that perjury // I see you trying to f*** me while I’m in surgery // In ICU death bed on some money s*** // Greedy bitch take a pic // Girl you know how money get.”

No word on the name of the track, but it’s being said Dre’s long time associate KXNG Crooked is also on the song with him.

You’ll remember the Beats founder got out of the hospital not long ago, after having a life threatening brain aneurysm. During that ICU hospital stay, right after surgery, TMZ reported Dr. Dre signed documents turning $2 million over to Nicole Young on a contentious temporary spousal support issue.

By the looks of things Dr. Dre obviously feels like he was forced to fork over that money… he definitely has misgivings. Goin’ on wax in the beef with Nicole could prove to be a very explosive move.

At the moment, the couple/not couple, is waiting for a ruling from the judge as to whether Nicole can have access to the home they shared together. Nicole complained she’s seen Dr. Dre’s various mistresses dropping pics online in her expensive fur coats.

We don’t know if Nicole provided proof to the judge in the case to that affect, but let’s be honest, people will do it. We’ll bring you more of Dr Dre’s divorce drama real soon. Until the next time it drips….

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