Our favorite rapper seems to be back to his old ways after recently getting sprung from the federal penitentiary on a Donald Trump pardon. Kodak Black apparently wants credit for several trends in Hip Hop and recently took jabs at superstar acts like rapper Lil Baby and Megan Thee Stallion to do it. “Yak” is taking no prisoners.

However it seems up and coming artist Pooh Shiesty from Memphis, Tennessee has gotten pissed at Kodak Black. He’s using some strong words to push back on the “Zeze” rhymer.

After first checking Lil Baby on an Instagram post over Baby’s lyrics saying that he started the ‘spreading money’ flex, Kodak made the assertion he was actually the one who started the phenomenon. He showed his fans a video of himself flexing cash from way back in the day to prove it.

Enter Pooh Shiesty… Pooh thought enough to respond to Kodak Black’s post with one of his own, showing himself spreading money from years ago as well. Pooh feels like he’s the one that started the whole deal. He also left a cutting quote saying, “This sh*t here so lame to me lost all my respect @kodakblack.”

Seeming to love the developing schism, Kodak dropped a post claiming he really owns Pooh Shiesty’s go-to ad lib, “bllrrd.” In the post Kodak and his whole team insisted they started the phrase long before the “Back in Blood” platinum artist. After the ribbing, Kodak Black also offered a bit of advice for Pooh Shiesty before siging off – “Keep that sh*t cute, don’t make it all that bruh… Keep that sh*t cute.”

Pooh Shiesty responsed by posting even more old pics of himself spreading cash with a caption saying in part… “The INTERNET AND FANS will make a real nigga do some hoe sh*t.” So there’s that…

We’ll keep you informed – until the next time it drips….

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