Reality maven Masika Kalysha, 35, pulled off a nasty takedown of relationship guru Derrick Jaxn’s wife on Wednesday night. Her name is Da’Naia Jackson and she’s been engulfed in a controversy of her husband’s making in the last few days, bubbling over on the internet.

Masika Kalysha decided to lash out at ‘Mrs. Jaxn’ on Twitter as she snapped…

“I will swallow a jean jacket dry & count grains of rice on all the sushi @Katana before I hold the musty hand of my cheatin a** husband in a hatbonnet lookin humble while he is forced to admit that he smashed a crispy cream box full of bit**** in the bed we conceived our kids in.”

What happened?? Well, the author of the book A Cheating Man’s Heart, Derrick Jaxn, 31, recently came clean about his own infidelity in a social media post where he included his very uncomfortable looking wife instead of facing the public backlash on his own. He was basically forced to after reports from Vlogger Tasha K started coming out about his philandering ways.

Derrick has built a reputation as a Christian, biblically based relationship expert over the years. He recently criticized famed pastor John Gray for his admitted extramarital affairs. The gall, right… hypocrites, all.

As for Masika, her hard charge at Da’Naia Jackson has not gone unnoticed. Quite frankly many folks on social media are expressing the same sentiments.

It’s worth noting however, that Masika Kalysha’s own relationship past and present is infamously full of what most would consider failures, recently ending a highly publicized engagement to Jamar Champ back in January. The couple was engaged for a mere three weeks.

Moreover, from best we can tell, Masika Kalysha has never had a marriage of her own to defend and has never actually conceived a child in matrimony – a state, presumably, far more important than the bed she skewered Derrick Jaxn’s wife about.

We’re told the popular Love & Hip Hop actress had even more tough words on Wednesday for Da’Naia Jackson – even though she’s the victim. We’ll update you soon – until the next time it drips….

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