Real Housewives of Atlanta newcomer LaToya Ali, 34, aka ‘LaToya Forever’ on YouTube, is delivering explosive headlines about her failed marriage of just a few years. She’s married to fellow YouTube vlogger Adam Ali, 32, and the couple have been in divorce court since late last year.

Recently Adam Ali sat down for an interview with vlogger Tasha K, and it apparently pissed LaToya off. In response, she just released a couple long form interviews of her own. The reality star let loose about all the couple’s dirty laundry, including the fact it was her own cheating that led to their breakup.

LaToya also alleged Adam physically abused her on the night he learned she had cheated on him. For his part, Adam says he did not harm LaToya, but he seems to acknowledge that he did pull her off their marital bed forcefully, in his response video.

Adam went on to detail how he was able to obtain a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on LaToya, describing how she had allegedly been talking with a guy “coaching” her on how to obtain a gun. In fact, Adam also believed LaToya put a tracking device on his car… something she seems to admit in her interview, still up on her YouTube right now.

If that weren’t enough, it also looks like the guy LaToya evidently cheated with has a prominent place on her social media page. In one post LaToya went… “Welp, I guess I got caught.” Many of her followers noted LaToya seems to relish the attention, albeit negative.

It also appears there’s a debate about whether LaToya’s new guy is gay – he and Adam have definitely been going at it online too. The whole situation between LaToya and Adam Ali has gotten totally out of control. We’ll keep watch on the happenings here – until the next time it drips…

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