Lizzo poses nude with women who work for her

In another shocking viral post from pop singer Lizzo, the superstar can be seen posing completely nude along with several of her friends. Lizzo’s friends also seem to be completely nude. Last we checked, Instagram has not pulled the post yet. The caption read…

“This is your sign to take naked selfies with ur bestiesā€¦ swipe for a pep talk bit** !!!”

More importantly however, it appears most of the women in the photos actually work for Lizzo in some capacity. One appears to be her DJ, another her dancer/choreographer, and so on…

Yes, we’re all used to seeing nudity from the “Truth Hurts” star. However, the question is – in this post- #MeToo era, could a man do the same with his female employees? In fact, in any era, this sort of activity would seem to be way out of bounds for a man in leadership. Are the rules just different for women?

Did any of the women feel pressured?

In reality, getting two people to agree on anything can be hard enough to accomplish. Are we to believe none of these women felt pressured to get onboard with Lizzo’s nude photo shoot idea? It would seem very unlikely since she’s their boss.

Of course we can’t be sure if any of the women were actually ‘forced’ to participate in Lizzo’s nude photo array, but it doesn’t take a genius to know what an unwilling employee might say after the fact. In one pic it even appears Lizzo is touching the breasts of one of the women… again, a woman that works for her.

The pictures are burning through social media right now and most agree, they’re red hot. But seriously – is this cool? Until the next time it drips….