Dr. Dre just won the right to call himself a single man. The judge in the music mogul’s divorce from his estranged wife, Nicole Young, granted him an official divorce.

However TMZ reports the drama is far from over. The meat of the couple‚Äôs finances still have to be divided up. They were married for over 25 years, so it won’t be easy.

You’ll remember, at issue is the prenuptial agreement Nicole signed way back when. She says she was bullied into signing it at the time.

Nicole also swears that at some point the “California Love” artist promised her he had destroyed the document, but no. Dr. Dre insisted to the court he never said or did such a thing.

In fact, Dre has called Nicole a liar and an embezzler for allegedly stealing money from one of their business ventures. He’s even rapped on a dis track calling Nicole a “greedy b*tch.”

We’ll bring it to you first when the judge starts to ‘break Dr. Dre’s bread’ in this most acrimonious case of divorce. Until the next time it drips…

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