Veteran NFL superstar Richard Sherman, 33, is in a ton of trouble at the moment. He was arrested early Wednesday morning in Redmond, WA.

TMZ Sports reports Sherman was allegedly trying to break into a home belonging to his in-laws at 2 AM. Apparently Redmond PD got a call from the residents identifying the future Hall of Fame shoo-in.

Cops say when they arrived Sherman was extremely combative and began to fight with officers. A police spokesperson said two officers sustained minor injuries from the scuffle.

We’re told police eventually had to deploy a K-9 service dog to take Richard Sherman down. They say he sustained a laceration to the leg from the animal. However, no one can confirm his injuries because the five-time Pro-Bowler has been denied bail. Sherman was booked into the King County Correctional Facility at about 6 AM and there, he still sits.

He’s been charged with something called burglary domestic violence, a serious charge in Washington state. He could get years in prison if convicted.

That’s not all… Sherman crashed his vehicle into a concrete barrier near a highway exit before he was arrested. Authorities say he then drove the badly damaged vehicle off the highway and left the scene.

Washington State Police say they want to charge him with DUI and hit and run for that little move. Sherman obviously made his way to his in-laws’ house, where he was taken into custody

We’ll bring you more on this story as details become available. Until the next time it drips…

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