After revealing her pregnancy only five days ago, singer Dani Leigh is already posting video of her baby shower.

Dani can be seen walking out to her adoring friends and family in a beautiful lace dress, featuring a cutout to show off her baby bump. The Def Jam singer revealed she’s having a baby girl.

Absent from said baby shower was the presumptive baby daddy, rapper Dababy.

In fact, Dababy has yet to claim the child, or say anything at all about Dani’s pregnancy. The most he’s done is like Dani’s post revealing her round belly for the first time.

The “Lil BeBe” singer’s fans, however, seem absolutely sure he’s the father. They peeped the singer/rapper was preggo way back in early March… then again in a meet and greet with producer Timbaland in April. The couple broke up in February, after a short-lived, torrid love affair that left fans thinking Dani Leigh was too desperate to keep hold of the “Masterpiece” superstar.

There was lots of in-your-face PDA, nasty social media fights between Dani and Dababy’s current baby mama, MeMe, and then it was all over. But now that we know Dani Leigh has a little bun in the oven – it ain’t over at all.

Again, Dababy hasn’t claimed ‘da baby,’ and Dani Leigh has yet to finger him as the father. We’ll bring it to you when it breaks. Until the next time it drips…

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