WNBA point guard Courtney Williams, 27, found herself in hot water after posting video of a crazy street brawl over the weekend. The clip featured her and other WNBA players throwing wild punches at another group of women.

It all happened in public view, right in front of a food truck. We’re told the ladies had just come from a dayclub. Someone apparently insulted Williams’ girlfriend. Have a look at the melee…

Courtney Williams plays for the Atlanta Dream. Her teammate, six-foot-tall Crystal Bradford, 27, can also be seen scrapping it out right along with Williams.

Ex-Dream player, six-foot-seven Kalani Brown, was seen in the video as well, but it appears she was trying to stop her teammates from fighting.

TMZ reports the thing actually went down back in May of this year, but Courtney for whatever reason, decided to drop the astonishing video clip online this weekend, thinking it was funny.

Then apparently she deleted it very quickly… but the damage was already done. Williams has already issued an apology over Twitter for her behavior, saying…..

“I want to sincerely apologize for the video posted yesterday. I would never want to represent myself or the organization in a negative way.” Williams continued… “I’m learning everyday so I ask for grace as I’m growing. Again I apologize to all attached, and I will be better moving forward.”

The Dream organization has reponded to the situation by giving Insider this statement:

“The behavior in the video is unacceptable and does not align with our values as an organization. We are taking this matter very seriously and working with the league to gather more information and determine next steps.”

It’s reported the team already knew of the incident, however Williams started all 32 games of the 2021 season for The Dream. It’s hard to see how she might have been punished.

We’re also getting word none of the players were supposed to be going to this dayclub to begin with. For now Williams sits waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Until the next time it drips….

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