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Actor and R&B singer Tyrese Gibson decided to come clean about a disturbing lie he told involving actor Will Smith.

In 2017, the Fast X actor claimed to the world that Will Smith and his wife, Jada Pinkett, had given him $5M to aid him in a hot custody battle with his estranged wife, Norma Mitchell. The only problem was, it was all a lie… a huge, disturbing figment of the actor’s imagination.

During an appearance on Sway’s Universe this week to promote his new album, Tyrese told the host…

“Will Smith is gonna give me $5 million? I never even talked to Will Smith. I was out of my mind.”

Tyrese said he made the claim because he had a bad reaction to mood altering medication Rexulti. It’s used to treat depression and serious conditions like Schizophrenia in adults.

However, the singer’s reasoning for having had a bad reaction to Rexulti seems a bit counterintuitive. He said it was partly due to the fact he stopped using illicit drugs about the same time… so try and square that.

He went on to tell the host…

“You put some shit like Rexulti in my system, it’s going to have the worst adverse effects ever. So I’m online talking about Will Smith giving me $5 million. I never talked to Will Smith and I still haven’t recovered from the damage that I did to him and his family. They didn’t deserve them phone calls.”

At the time, Will and Jada responded by flatly denying handing over any money to Tyrese. The actors expressed to the media they were concerned and worried about Tyrese’s mental state.

Back then, Norma Mitchell had won sole custody of their daughter, Shayla, after accusing Tyrese of physically abusing the child. Tyrese fought the accusations in court and won a dismissal soon after. The couple would soon divorce.

For context, have a look at the lie, as told by Tyrese Gibson, back then…

“My wife kept the news away from me ’cause I’ve been on with lawyers all day, but our family and our sister Jada Pinkett-Smith and my brother Will Smith just sent us $5 million to help keep us afloat. … The Smiths and their whole family has always shown up for the Gibsons. Uncle Will you’re an uncle for real.”

Tyrese wrote the claims in an Instagram Live post at the time. There are still no answers as to why the Baby Boy actor took five-plus years to tell the truth about his actions.

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