Superstar rapper Drake tantalized his fanbase with some new heat overnight… and it wasn’t music. The Her Loss musician shared a mostly naked picture of himself, fresh from a dip.

About midnight on Instagram, he wrote on the picture… “5 minute cold plunge for the soul.”

As you can see, we had to edit the pic for TV. We’re not sure what spurred Drake’s thirst trap display, but perhaps he had just jumped out of an ice bath, as the athletes do. His ‘Drakeness’ has definitely been getting more buff lately.

TMZ seems to have evidence that his fans are now wondering if the object of their affection has gone under the knife to meet his ‘ab goals.’ They found comments pointing out Drake’s arms aren’t near as tight as his abdomen.

However, we found ample proof the “Hotline Bling” writer’s desired effect was achieved. Just view some comments from one of his most popular fan sites…

Men and six-pack surgery seem to be finally catching on these days. At least one male cis gender rapper is openly admitting to the work he had done.

One thing about the shirtless Drake situation did stand out… His female fans on social media seem very concerned about who might have taken the pic of mostly naked Drake? It does appear he didn’t take it by himself.

‘Champagnepapi’ is likely just getting it all tight before his big It’s All A Blur Tour with rapper 21 Savage, coming to a city near you starting June 19th. Get your tickets – we have ours.

Until the next time it drips….


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