R&B star Summer Walker is walking on air now that she’s finally released some long-awaited new music. On Friday, the critically acclaimed singer released her CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE (EP).

Summer also delivered the new music video, “Pull Up,” to promote the nine-song offering. It’s now headed toward 540,000 views on YouTube.

Earlier in the week, Summer dropped some very entertaining promos featuring her new industry besties, rappers Sexyy Red and Sukihanna. As with her last two albums, Apple Music is pulling out all the stops and giving the singer strong promotion with their R&B Now playlist.

CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE features a special track with rapper J. Cole. called “To Summer, from Cole – Audio Hug.” The song is quickly popping up in the top 10 on several charts, despite not having a video just yet.

Walker has gone on the record describing her music of late as “sad.” CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE definitely offers a more mature sound spectrum for the artist. The collection is infused with distinctive jazz vibes, and Summer displays one of the most impressive vocal performances of her career.

It’s no secret the Billboard Awards’ Top R&B Female (2020) has been spending lots of time with her musical idol and mentor, Erykah Badu. Even the casual observer can hear and feel the Badu influence on the CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE project.

Her last project reached the top of the R&B charts, and who knows what’s in the cards this time around. It’s time for the fans to have their say.

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