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Tommie Lee has officially been fired from Baddies West. Executive Producer/cast member Natalie Nunn made the declaration on Wednesday over a Live session.

Of course, she did it with a lot of shade, telling Tommie… “Your services are no longer needed.”

Natalie also gloated about the show’s streaming numbers and denied it was her in Tommie’s previously unseen video clip getting beat up.

Check out part of Natalie’s Live video right here:

Natalie Nunn Fires Tommie Lee


Reality star Tommie Lee went rogue! The volatile TV personality took it on herself to release unaired and unapproved fight scenes from the Baddies West: Reunion Pt. 2.

The episode aired on May 21st. The show ended in a massive fight scene, with clips of Tommie raging as she tore up the set.

Immediately after the show’s taping, Tommie recorded the fact that her face was in good shape after the fight. The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star apparently held on to her video highlights just waiting for the right time.

Tommie told her followers…

“It’s crazy… Ni99as promising me shows to not do this and not do that. Ni99as promising me if I act a certain way… oh, it’s green light… this is a green light. I don’t give a fu** about no show bit**. Now… it’s up.”

She also captioned the now deleted post with the words… “They ain’t gone show you this part… lol cool.”

Tommie showed scenes of her pummeling cast mate Natalie Nunn while she was on the ground during the show, and another fight scene that can not be identified. Is this footage that was never aired?

Tommie can be seen connecting punches and kicks to a dark figure on the ground with blonde hair.

The rapper was upset the show aired fight scenes featuring her getting hit in the nose by a flying object, but didn’t show scenes where Tommie got the better of her opponents.

In one still picture Natalie can be seen dragging Tommie by her hair. Tommie obviously can’t stand seeing that kind of photo out there on the internet.

Natalie Nunn, 38 years old, is actually the show’s executive producer. She and Tommie Lee have been embroiled in a nasty feud for a long time.

You’ll remember the two women had a high-profile boxing match back in February – a raucous affair from beginning to end. Natalie won that match, and she never let’s Tommie forget it.

MadameNoire reported about a Live session just before the reunion pt. 2 show aired where Natalie taunted Tommie. She told fans she could beat her “in the boxing ring and in real life now.”

Check out how she put it…

“So yes, the profile picture is Tommy getting it handed to her again. Hey Tommy, do you want to join my live? Want to talk about it because you definitely can’t fight about it. That’s been proven in the boxing ring and in real life now. I can’t wait for you guys to see how she didn’t want to come on the stage. She wanted to act like she was Miss Tough Girl the whole time on the internet.”

Natalie had claimed she messed Tommie’s face up during the fight, insisting she forced her to switch up her profile pic. As we said, Tommie disproved that by publicly showing her face.

Tommie Lee’s alternate fight scene selection has now been taken down and the rapper has since posted a message discouraging the notion of fighting to settle scores.

The whole situation does beg the question… Is Natalie Nunn pulling rank on Tommie Lee to make herself look good in the promos and Tommie look bad?

It’s unclear if Tommie will face any consequences with her status on the show for showing the unsanctioned scenes of her beating up her Executive Producer, but you have to figure… Tommie Lee probably couldn’t care less.

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