Rap star Gunna is finally back on the scene, and this time he’s speaking his mind on a just released new song. The track is called “bread & butter,” and it’s got the internet in an all-out frenzy.

His real name is Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, 29 years old. The chart-toppong artist has been going through a lot since he took a plea deal in the YSL racketeering case in Fulton County, Georgia last year.

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He’s been wearing the snitch jacket ever since, but on “bread & butter,” the rapper blames the D.A.. About mid-way through the file, Gunna rips…

“F**k I paid the lawyers all those mills for?
Just so I won’t have to say a word to dodge a railroad.” Gunna then says… “Lawyers and the D.A. did some sneaky sh*t, I fell for it. On my Ps and Qs because this time, I be prepared for it, yeah.” reported that the rapper sealed a deal with Fulton County prosecutors just before Christmas last year for time served in jail and a lengthy probationary period. However, Gunna has insisted that he never provided a statement to prosecutors against his label boss, Young Thug, who is currently standing trial for gang-related racketeering and conspiracy.

Furthermore, Gunna insists he is not obligated to testify against Young Thug at trial. Most legal observers say cooperation and truthful testimony, if called to the stand, is always a requirement in racketeering cases.

Listen to how Gunna seemingly addresses his situation with Young Thug…

“Love my bro so much, I’d never change on ’em. I’m the one to go and do the work, bring you thе damn profits.”

In another spot, Gunna says…. “Never gave no statement or agree to take no stand on ’em.”

Interestingly, many believe Gunna has taken an opportunity on “bread & butter” to take a swipe at his most notable collaborator, Lil Baby. Gunna rattled off these words on the track…

“Peepin’ sh*t, I’m seein’ ni99as fall back
You b**ch-a*s ni99as got me as the topic of the chat. You switched on me when you know you in business with a rat. And the boy that’s like your brother, ain’t nobody speak on that. The city see it clearly if I had to state a fact. You still fu** with a ni99a that done got yo’ partner (wacked)

We can’t claim to know who Gunna is really referring to here, but it’s worth noting, Lil Baby’s Quality Control Music boss Pierre ‘Pee’ Thomas recently suffered an accusation of snitching in connection to a 2012 murder case out of Atlanta.

The rapper also appears to take a swipe at rapper Lil Durk, bringing up the 2022 track, “What Happened to Virgil?” Lil Durk has been vocal with his disapproval of the “Wunna” star since his release from jail.

YSL clique member Lil Gotit appears to be the only YSL figure to speak about Gunna’s new song. He hopped on Instagram to let followers know he hates everything Gunna stands for.

We fully expect more of Gunna’s former crew to chime in with comments on the rapper’s new work. We’ll bring it to you as soon as they do. 

Say what you will about Gunna’s current situation and being tagged a rat, but you’ll have to admit… this track has real heat.

When the “Pushin P” author got locked up in May 2022, he was literally the hottest rap act in the country. It appears Gunna is not playing games, and he wants it all back. Be sure to check out Gunna’s new song on the Alldaydrip: Hip-Hop Heat Spotify playlist. Until the next time it drips…


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