West coast rap star Mozzy was detained over the weekend by authorities over a bloody shooting at a club in Wichita, Kansas.

TMZ reports Mozzy was at an after-party in a club called City Nightz early Sunday morning. A fight started in the crowd, and soon after, gunfire began to ring out in the facility.

From what we know, seven people suffered gunshot wounds, and some were sent to the emergency room with critical injuries. CBS Sacramento is now reporting one person has died from their injuries.

Patrons would eventually post videos of the chaotic scenes, full of frightened party goers and blood-drenched floors. Have a look inside as the gunshots began to blast…

The “Last One Standing” author and his crew scrambled to get out of the club, just like everyone else. They were stopped in traffic right after the shooting, in a dragnet by Wichita PD.

As a result, Mozzy could be seen carefully getting out of an SUV with his hands up and authorities taking him into custody.

The rapper, whose real name is Timothy Patterson, 36 years old, was not arrested… just detained for a while and then let go. However, one of his men was arrested, and the publication reports his arrest was in connection with the club shooting.

We don’t know what Mozzy’s crew member has been charged with, if anything. Many of the artist’s fans are hoping the rapper won’t be roped into another detrimental legal situation.

In case you don’t know, Mozzy just finished a stint in federal prison in early May, after being sentenced to one year over firearms charges.

XXL reported he got out a few months early and went right back to work on his recording career. But here’s the rub… the artist is under three years of supervised release, and he’s also been ordered to submit to random drug testing.

If authorities can find a way to violate Mozzy’s probation over this incident, they will. The tension now created because of this weekend’s events will be high until the Wichita investigation is completely done. Unfortunately, that could take quite awhile.

We’ll keep you updated on Mozzy’s situation and provide information as it becomes available. Until the next time it drips.


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