NFL player Le’Veon Bell keeps it real about some trash verses he paid for from two big name rappers.

The record setting running back called out Moneybagg Yo and Stunna 4 Vegas for putting little effort into their work after he paid them both for features. Le’Veon originally took to Twitter with his disdain, telling his followers…

“Moneybagg Yo & Stunna 4 Vegas I paid both for… decided not to drop these tracks with these guys because honestly, I didn’t like their verses… I feel like they just went in the booth and recorded something as fast as they could to get a quick couple bands … kudos, y’all got it.”

The 31-year-old didn’t stop there with his criticism of the rappers. After the internet got wind of Le’Veon’s complaint, the former Pittsburgh Steeler then jumped on camera and dressed the two rap stars down, in his own words.

Le’Veon said, in part…

“Now, obviously, I’m asking these guys for a verse, a collab,’ or a feature, or whatever it may be… it’s because I like their music. When I ask, I already know what you’re capable of.”

“So, if you send me back some bull… on a song that I’m on… If I don’t like the song… I don’t care what your name is… If it’s not SZA, Drake, or Rihanna… I’m not dropping it!”

The football star has been rapping since 2017, and he says he’s held on to the tracks with Moneybagg Yo and Stunna 4 Vegas for two years. Le’Veon went on to say he doubts either rapper even remembers the collaboration because they put so little effort into their verses. Ouch!…

Many sports fans will remember Le’Veon Bell mainly for his infamous contract dispute with the Pittsburgh Steelers because the standout running back elected to sit out the entirety of the 2018 NFL season.

Back then, CBS Sports reported, the team offered Le’Veon $70 million for a five-year contract, but the confident 4th year player turned it all down. They say he was hoping to make history as the highest paid NFL running back.

It didn’t pan out that way for Le’Veon. He would eventually return to the NFL in 2019 with the New York Jets on a four-year $52 million deal.

Unfortunately, the Jets let Le’Veon go after only a year and a half. The athlete is said to be thinking of retirement now and was recently heard expressing his desire to make his last run as a Pittsburgh Steeler.

It’s not clear why Le’Veon Bell decided to finally speak his mind about the two-year-old songs with Moneybagg Yo and Stunna 4 Vegas, but it does appear he now needs to find a new career path.

Until the next time it drips…


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