The brother of 16-year-old murder victim Steve Thomas is speaking out against Skims mogul Kim Kardashian.

TMZ reports George Thomas is very upset Kardashian has taken up the cause to advocate for the imprisoned No Limit Records rap star, C-Murder.

He believes it’s only celebrities like Kim Kardashian who think C-Murder should be released from jail. According to the publication…

“George says he’s all for Kim using her voice to help innocent people, C-Murder is not that guy.”

The artist’s real name is Corey Miller, now 52 years old. He was convicted of Steve Thomas’ killing at a nightclub in Louisiana in 2002.

Kardashian made an impassioned plea on social media to her over 75M Twitter followers. She told them…

“Corey Miller has spent 21 years in prison for a crime he did not commit, and his conviction is based entirely on the testimony of two men, whom the State dragged to trial just on material witness…”

The witnesses Kardashian speaks of have both recanted their testimony in recent years. However, during the trial, Miller and his associates were being investigated for possible witness tampering.

Having a highly prejudicial stage name like C-Murder undoubtedly did nothing to quell all the suspicion surrounding the gangsta rap artist.

Miller was quickly convicted in a five day trial in 2009 for killing the teen, and the state of Louisiana sentenced him to life in prison on only a 10-2 jury split. That’s right… at the time, jury verdicts did not have to be unanimous in the state of Louisiana.

The 10-2 non-unanimous consensus, or supermajority law, is what ultimately sent Corey Miller to his mandatory life sentence.

The incredibly unfair rule was a long-lasting relic of the Jim Crow era, at play in the state since 1889. It menaced black and brown communities for 120 years until it was finally done away with, in 2018.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided not to make its reversal retroactive.

After Miller’s trial, there was a lot of drama about a 20-year-old college student juror. The details of deliberations back then indicated she was bullied into a guilty vote.

A man’s life was on the line, but witnesses have said… the jury in the case just wanted to go home.

The rapper’s Harvard trained legal team tried for years to use that jury tension as a basis to set aside the verdict against C-Murder, to no avail.

Though he has a very rich brother in Hip Hop legend Master P and an even richer friend in Kim Kardashian, the ‘No Limit Soldier’ still sits behind bars.

As for the family of Steve Thomas – they say there is a ton of evidence to support the murder conviction in the case. They still firmly believe behind bars is where C-Murder should remain.

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