Rapper JT from the City Girls has finally been released from the halfway house she’s been living in since her release from federal prison. We’re told her last official day was this past Friday. She represents one half of a female duo that got seriously famous, just as JT was carted off by the feds in June of 2018. TMZ claims to have court documents detailing the terms of her release.

JT telegraphed her release in a Q&A session just a day before she was let go – we told you about that early last week. As billed, the rapper answered many questions, everything asked. She told viewers everything from her favorite sex positions, to how she gets men to buy her things… Just so you know, she simply asks.

JT will be on supervised release and she’s on probation for a year. There’s also a community service element to her freedom, and drug testing is mandatory. As you can see, “Ya girl JT” isn’t actually done with the ordeal just yet – rocking shows going from club to club, around god knows who, will not be an easy circumstance to manage for a whole year.

She was originally sent to prison over an identity theft conviction, apparently stolen credit cards were involved. In her Q&A, JT admitted to still having a fervent love of money. However, let’s hope this time she realizes she can do it all legally and stay out of trouble.

We’ll let you know wsup next for this city girl – until the next time it drips…

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