Superstar Canadian rapper, singer, and entertainer extraordinaire, Tory Lanez, found himself on the receiving end of Instagram’s wrath over his new “Quarantine Radio” Live show. Yesterday, due to the current disease pandemic, the wildy popular organic creation was totally shut down by Instagram – in the middle of a hot set, to boot.

Tory Lanez dropped a video letting his fans know the platform cut off his show after reaching more than 300k followers in the first hour. He told the fans, “This is crazy at this point, my nig**. I had 350k Live, Instagram cut me off my nigg*.”

He also said that after getting the hammer from Instagram, he created a whole new page called “The Quarantine Radio.” But after hitting 100k in followers, it too got snuffed out by Instagram fun spoilers.

As far as we know, they aren’t really explaining their objections and have been sending the rapper the standard bs statement saying his account has been “temporarily blocked.” They did however, give Tory a date, 4/15/2020, and that’s when the “Do The Most” Canadian says he’ll get back on it.

But right now Tory feels like he’s in jail and Instagram is just a big ole hater. The last post on his account shows Tory in a jail cell in county orange, saying in part, “THIS IS ME CURRENTLY …. EVERYBODY HASHTAG #FreeTory SO I CAN GET OUT OF HERE MAN !!!! lmao Instagram stop hating .”

Tory’s new age program has informally hosted such superstars as Drake and Young Thug – he’s really on fire. Does Instagram want money, or what?! They just gotta free the homie. Until the next time it drips….

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