Rapper Key Glock wrote a special and heartfelt message to his mother over the weekend – a woman that was actually absent for almost his entire youth, due to incarceration. As best we know, her name is Tameika Cathey. She went to jail when he was just one year old and would not emerge from behind bars until the Memphis rapper was a senior in high school, 15 years later.

Key Glock wrote, or better said, her son Markeyvius Cathey wrote to her:

“I remember asking God why me?! I remember asking my grandma where were you at?! I remember telling you that I couldn’t wait til you get out and come home🔓I remember going to visitation and spending the lil times we did have together.”

We’re not sure if it’s her birthday, or if he’s simply getting a jump on Mother’s Day, but his message must be very important because it’s the singular post on Key Glock’s Instagram account with over 1.7 million fans.

Growing up without his mom was tough for the “1 Hell of a Life” rhymer but he takes pride in being able to enjoy their time together now. There’s tons of pics and video showing the two having fun, as he spoils her… no doubt, with all his Paper Route records money and hip hop success.

In his message, Key Glock still threw lots of credit to his mother for helping raise him, even though she was locked away, saying, “You taught me things that my dad didn’t even do. You made shit happen for me when nobody did!!”

The rapper has always given his mom credit for supporting his dream of becoming a successful rapper. You may know Key Glock is signed with rapper Young Dolph’s record label, but you may not know the two are reportedly cousins. The duo has become a real force in southern hip hop – it’s a family affair.

We know that Key Glock’s mom is having a successful post incarceration time of it. We’re told she speaks out on issues concerning marginalized women, and shines a light on domestic violence and homelessness issues in Memphis communities. Perhaps her son just wanted to shine a light on her.

Until the next time it drips….

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