Just a few days after ex Dallas police officer Amber Guyger was sentenced to 10 years in prison for gunning down Botham Jean, the star witness in the case has been murdered – riddled with bullets just outside his home. His name is Joshua Brown, and he shared critical testimony about Guyger’s activities in the midst of her confrontation with Botham Jean and her behavior immediately following the shooting.

Botham Jean was the black man killed by then Dallas police officer Guyger after she claimed she mistakenly went into the wrong apartment. The night Amber Guyger shot Botham Jean, Joshua Brown just happened to be Jean’s next door neighbor, so he overheard it all. These days living only some five miles away in another apartment complex, and still in reach of Dallas police, it’s being said that Brown was in fear of retaliation and falling prey to exactly the kind of circumstance that has taken his life.


Apparently, a mystery suspect hopped out of a silver sedan while Brown was exiting his car in the parking lot and shot Brown several times in his lower body. Brown was rushed to Emergency, but they could not save the young man. Some have said he was actually shot in his mouth as well, but that assertion has been refuted by a Dallas judge familiar with the case.

Attorney Lee Merritt, who is also the attorney for Botham Jean’s family, said Joshua Brown’s mother desperately wants him to get to the bottom of her son’s murder. He also wrote on Facebook… “She suspects foul play, and it is difficult to rule it out. He had no known enemies. He worked for a living. He was not in the streets. We need answers. Immediately.”

We’re waiting for more details to be released, but it should not be overlooked, that the most important witness in the State’s case against former Dallas cop, Amber Guyger, will never be able to testify again. Cut it how you want to, but this news only helps her.