According to several members of Juice WRLD’s entourage, the “Lucid Dreams” rapper suddenly swallowed several “unknown pills” as it became clear the feds had his private plane surrounded at Chicago Midway airport, with nowhere to run. It now appears the 21-year-old rising star made a deadly decision in haste, simply to avoid arrest. Just minutes later the rapper would suffer a deadly seizure.

Homeland Security agents acting under authority of the FBI conducted a search of the aircraft and found an astounding 70 lbs of weed in the cargo area. They also netted 3 guns off Juice WRLD’s crew AND, of course, codeine-laced cough syrup. Two of Juice WRLD’s crew were arrested for the guns, but both are out now.

We now know the pilot of Juice WRLD’s private plane was the one who alerted authorities on the ground that he had guys aboard his aircraft with guns, which is a huge violation of FAA regulations. We also found out through TMZ that the FBI searched Juice’s private jet back on November 18th as well, so there’s history behind the situation.

Juice WRLD often rapped about his abuse of codeine cough syrup, and TMZ reports members of his crew told authorities he also had an addiction to Percocets. Apparently none of his friends would tell authorities what pills the rapper took just before his seizure and subsequent death early Sunday morning. Nonetheless, an autopsy was done on Juice WRLD’s remains on Monday, so the actual cause of death will be determined soon.

Another very important question left outstanding is… Who does all that dope belong to? Answering that will likely fuel this sad story a long time. We’ll be following what happens – until the next time it drips…

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