Iyanna Mayweather’s mugshot has now been released from her arrest and short stay in Houston’s Harris County jail over the weekend. You probably know by now that Iyanna was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon late Saturday night. Apparently she charged into rapper Youngboy NBA’s home and stabbed his baby mama, Lapattra Jacobs.

TMZ reports Iyanna stabbed Jacobs at least twice in the biceps as she wielded not one, but two knives, like some type of ninja. The victim was taken to the hospital but appears to be ok.

The rapper is famous for his music of course, but he’s just as famous for having a ‘high score’ of baby mamas too. It seems that yet another phenomenon has developed around Youngboy NBA – a habit whereby the women around him are ending up bloodied and hurt, all because of his messes.

You may or may not remember, but about a year ago Youngboy NBA and his crew got into a shootout in Miami and it left one man dead. It also left his girlfriend at the time, a woman calling herself Kay Marie, shot in the streets of the city. Youngboy actually had to apply pressure to her wounds on the scene. Hanging with Youngboy NBA has become a very dangerous activity for his girlfriends and baby mamas.

From what we’re told, Iyanna Mayweather was let out on $30,000 bond, but this situation will likely be very serious for her. We’ll keep you updated on her legal battles ahead. Until the next time it drips….

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