British singer FKA Twigs, 33, is now taking her abuse accusations against Shia LaBeouf, 34, to a screen near you. She recently recounted some of her allegations with Gayle King for CBS This Morning. Twigs told Gayle, “It’s a miracle I came out alive.”

FKA Twigs on CBS This Morning

The “Cellophane” singer contends Shia would torment her, making her sleep naked. She says he would wake her in the middle of the night and berate her, calling her “disgusting” and “vile.” Twigs believes it was his way of cementing his control over her.

Twigs came out with a civil suit against the Transformers actor back in December 2020. In it she charges Shia not only physically abused her, she also says he sexually assaulted her as well.

After the lawsuit hit, Shia made a statement to the New York Times saying…

“Although many of these allegations are not true. I am not in the position to defend any of my actions. I owe these women the opportunity to air their statements publicly and accept accountability for those things I have done. As someone in recovery, I have to face almost daily reminders of things I did say and do when I was drinking.”

As you can see Shia LaBeouf says he’s sober now, but will FKA Twigs’ new public pressure campaign put his sobriety in jeopardy? The screws are definitely turning on Shia Lebeouf. We’ll keep you informed. Until the next time it drips….

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