He hadn’t shown his face in months, always photographed with hair over his face or with a mask on. Not dropping any music all year, fans wondered what was going on with rapper OG Maco.

On Saturday, he answered their concerns by unveiling his face for the first time in a long time. What was seen was disturbing… OG Maco had a face and head full of severe damage to his skin due to a deadly flesh eating bacteria. He also filmed a video…

While he spoke about the loneliness he’s felt from being abandoned by friends and lovers, he also had this to say about how his condition developed, and hope for the future…

“So much healing has occurred thanks to God and my doctors that I’m willing to show all a fraction of what I’ve been going through,” he wrote. “I was improperly treated for a minor rash and ended up with a skin-eating disease for the last few months. This is the best it’s looked. I hope it gives someone hope.”

Please keep OG Maco in your prayers as he is in ours at

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