Chris Johnson, once one of the most exciting and successful players in the NFL, now stands accused of a murder for hire conspiracy. Though he hasn’t been charged yet by any law enforcement agency, TMZ is reporting they do have court documents detailing exactly how “CJ2K” might be a part of all this, and a major player, as the documents allege.

Apparently there’s a snitch giving the cops information alleging Chris Johnson rewarded a guy named Dominic Bolden with money and drug connecs after he allegedly killed two men back in 2016.

The documents claim it’s all gang related, but if you remember, Chris Johnson was injured in a 4 AM drive-by shooting down in Orange County, Florida on March 8th 2015. Chris was shot in the shoulder, but of course he survived. His friend however, wasn’t so lucky. His name was Dreekius Johnson, and he died from gunshot wounds.

Police say the drive-by was nothing more than an attempt on Chris Johnson’s life. They also contend they have intelligence detailing Chris’ participation in the conspiracy for get-back.

The informant told police that Dominic Bolden killed a guy on January 19th, 2016, and he killed another man on July 24th, 2016 – both in retaliation for shooting at Chris Johnson and killing his friend. After that, Dominic Bolden’s status in the gang apparently skyrocketed, all funded by Chris Johnson’s NFL money.

At the time of the shooting in 2015, the NY Jets refused to exercise their option to keep Chris after a disappointing year. The record setting running back was headed for free-agency, so the stakes were high. Everyone was wondering, what would become of Chris Johnson.

Well Chris went on to play for the Arizona Cardinals, and his alleged hit man, Dominic Bolden, would go on to lead a successful drug gang down in Florida… or so police think. To date, they’ve charged Chris with nothing. The release of this info is suspicious in itself… perhaps authorities are trying to shake more information loose.

This whole time, Chris Johnson has maintained he did nothing wrong, saying…”I don’t live that life.” We’ll bring it to you if anything develops from this situation. Until the next time it drips…

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